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Dell losing another executive

Dell's Joe Marengi has announced his intention to leave the company by the end of March, the most recent defection to hit Dell's executive ranks as the company brings in new officers.

Marengi is currently in charge of Dell's sales efforts to small and medium-size businesses as well as government organizations. He had also run Dell's growing services business, but the company brought in Steve Schuckenbrock from EDS to run that group as part of a broader overhaul over the last few months.

Marengi is retiring, Dell spokesman Bob Pearson confirmed. His group will be divided between Bill Rodrigues, who will take over the corporate sales group, and David Marmonti, who will run the government sales group. Both men joined Dell in 1998 and were Marengi's lieutenants.

Dell executives John Medica and Jim Schnieder also recently announced their intentions to retire.