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Dell: Layoffs bigger than expected

Job terminations won't be limited to the 8,800 layoffs originally announced last year, as the computer maker seeks to cut costs.

Dell plans to cut deeper into its workforce than the already announced layoffs of 8,800 people, according to news reports.

The company is hosting a briefing with financial analysts at its Round Rock, Texas, headquarters on Thursday at which CEO Michael Dell discussed its layoff plans.

"We are not satisfied with the current state of affairs and are on a mission to fix it," Reuters quoted Dell saying. "Every area of the company is being pursued" for cost cuts.

Last May, the company announced that 8,800 people would be cut from its workforce. On Thursday, it said that it has already eliminated 5,500 jobs, according to Reuters.

Earlier this week, Dell said it will close its Austin, Texas, desktop manufacturing facility as it seeks to trim billions in costs.