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Dell launches LCD TV in Australia

Dell Australia launches a 19-inch, wide-screen LCD TV that has an integrated tuner so you can watch TV while surfing the Internet, working on spreadsheer and sending e-mail.

  • CNET Australia staff
Dell launches LCD TV in Australia

Dell Australia has followed the lead of its US parent and made it's first foray in the consumer electronics world by launching a 19-inch LCD TV in time for Christmas.

A hybrid flat-panel monitor, the Dell W1900 is aimed squarely at 'multimedia households', as it features picture-in-picture capabilities so you can simultaneously watch TV and work on a document or surf the Internet. With a 16:9 wide-screen aspect ratio and 1280x768 pixel resolution, the Dell TV is also 'high-definition-ready'.

Significantly, Dell is not changing its strictly online sales model, so unless you visit one of the five Dell kiosks in Sydney, you will not be able to view the set in any store prior to purchase.

Dell Australia's David McQuarrie, Director of Software and Peripherals, appears undaunted by this constraint, pointing to Dell's number two position in the Australian PC market and its Advanced Exchange policy, a one year Limited Warranty service and support program. In the event of a problem which cannot be resolved over the phone, the company will send a replacement TV the next business day. This warranty coverage can be extended to three years for an additional AU$59.40.

Citing something he termed the 'Dell Effect', McQuarrie added, "Dell has a reputation for helping to drive down prices in markets it enters.  We have seen printer prices fall since we launched ours 12 months ago and want to do the same for LCD TVs."

The Dell W1900 is priced at $1499, but as a special promotion until December 24, 2004, Dell is offering $100 cash off and free delivery making its introductory price AU$1,300.20.