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Dell hints it's working on smartphone

The PC maker has been long-rumored to have a handheld device in the works.

It wasn't much more than an offhand comment this time, but Michael Dell's got the gadget-obsessed stirred up again.

In an interview with Om Malik of GigaOm, Dell was asked about the company's plans in the smartphone industry. At first he gave a vague, corporate PR-type answer: "We are certainly looking at the whole smartphone category, but I wouldn't expect anything anytime soon." But when Malik pressed him about whether his company was more interested in a Symbian or Android OS for any potential handheld device, Dell was slightly more informative.


"We're not ready to publicly disclose our plans there...we're kind of working on that," he said.

Well, it's about time. Dell's been out of the handheld business for over a year, but there have been signs it's been testing the waters, such as when it picked up Zing in August. One round of rumors put the device as Android-based and more recently as Windows Mobile.

Dell did warn not to expect any product anytime soon, so perhaps they're waiting for Windows Mobile 7? Stay tuned.