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Dell has new Latitudes

Dell has new Latitudes

The venerable Latitude line gets a face-lift with two updated models that incorporate Intel Core Duo processors, built-in EV-DO wireless WAN, and fingerprint readers.

The Latitude D620, an update to the D610, weighs the same as its predecessor (5.4 pounds) but now features a 14.1-inch wide-screen display. The $2,101 test configuration that's currently in CNET Labs includes a 2GHz Intel Core Duo T2500 processor, 1GB of fast 533MHz memory, a fairly sizable 80GB hard drive spinning at a decent 5,400rpm clip, and a new Nvidia Quadro NVS 120M graphics chip with 128MB of dedicated VRAM and another 128MB that it shares with main memory. We'll have a full review up as soon as the D620 finishes our performance benchmarks.

In the words of our reviewer, the 6.5-pound Latitude D820 "looks like it's been on Weight Watchers" compared to its bulkier predecessor, the Latitude D810. With a crisp, 15.4-inch wide-screen display, the latest components, and all the features you'll need to get your job done while one the road, the D820 is one of the best midsize corporate portables around. Our high-end test configuration cost $2,290 for a raft of top-notch components, and it performed extremely well on our benchmarks. For all the details, read our full review of the Latitude D820.

Dell Latitude D620