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Dell goes after doctors with Streak tablet

The Dell Streak could be making its way to the medical field with the PC maker's medical software in tow.

The Streak is coming to hospitals near you.
The Streak is coming to hospitals near you. Dell

The Dell Streak is on its way to your doctor's office.

Dell announced on Wednesday that its Electronic Medical Records and Mobile Clinical Computing service, which allows physicians and hospitals to access patient information, will be integrated into its 5-inch tablet. The company cited a recent Manhattan Research study, saying that 64 percent of medical professionals use smartphones. Dell wants to tap into that market with its Streak tablet.

The company contends that its Android-based Streak tablet would work well for physicians. Dell hopes to sell medical professionals on the tablet's mobility, as well as its ability to "record images that can be uploaded to the patients' electronic medical records" with the help of its onboard cameras.

Dell is making the Streak available to medical professionals this fall.