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Dell fills its 23-incher to the brim

The 23-inch Dell SP2309W is low-priced, feature-rich, and has a super-high 2048x1152 resolution.

Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

It's rare that I find myself struggling to say bad things about a product. Most times, any negatives a product has are painfully obvious. While the Dell SP2309W isn't perfect, its $329 price leaves an apoplectic taste in my mouth as I struggle to determine just how Dell was able to pack so much into such a low-priced package.

It's feature-rich, offers a great performance, has a super-high 2048x1152 resolution, HDMI and DVI connections, a 2-megapixel camera, screen height adjustability, the ability to tilt the screen completely horizontally, a customizable and unique onscreen display; 360-degree rotation; multiple USB ports, an A.I.-controlled robot that fetches you OJ in the morning, a laser beam attachment that automatically targets your enemies...OK I made up those last two, but maybe Dell will take my little joke to heart for next year's model.

I reviewed the Dell S2309W last week, and it costs only about $20 less than the SP2309W. Check out the full review to find out which is more worth your money.