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Dell explains the XPS 700 delay

Dell explains the XPS 700 delay

TG Daily has an interview with Dell's Liem Nguyen responding to the cause behind the delay of the XPS 700. Rather than, as speculated, a problem with Core 2 Duo chip supplies or the Nvidia Nforce 590 motherboard chipset, Dell claims it held up shipments because of a cooling problem that it has now resolved. We have no way to confirm whether that's actually the case, but what's clear is that this explanation removes blame from Intel and Nvidia.

The interview answers a lot of questions, but we still have others. Dell told us that our reviewed XPS 700 configuration will still be valid by mid-October, so we'll take its word that it's a real system. But asking you to pay for our box's GeForce 7900 GTX cards when they'll be a generation behind when you receive them is foolish. If Dell doesn't address this problem, expect our review score to change. We actually have a face-to-face meeting with some folks from Dell's desktops crew in an hour and a half. We'll report back if we learn anything.

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