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Dell elevates its game with the XPS 600 Renegade	

Dell elevates its game with the XPS 600 Renegade	

If you think two graphics cards are excessive, you ain't seen nothing yet. Announced today at the Dell keynote, Dell's new XPS 600 Renegade high-end gaming PC marks the introduction of Nvidia's GeForce Quad SLI technology. With two 512MB 3D cards with two GeForce 7800 GTX chips on each, the XPS 600 Renegade claims the highest gaming capability at the highest resolutions. According to Dell, you can now play 3D games at full detail settings at heretofore unheard-of resolutions, for example, the native 2,560x1,600 of Dell's newly announced 3007WFP 30-inch LCD.

The XPS 600 Renegade also features some hard-core specs, including a factory overclocked, warranteed Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 955 processor set to a bold 4.26GHz clock speed on an Nvidia Nforce 4 chipset. It also comes with the new 150GB, 10,000rpm Western Digital Raptor hard drive for fast booting. We can't help but notice that the XPS 600 Renegade uses the same XPS 600 case we've come to know and loathe underneath the flashy custom paint, but the specs are so jacked that if it delivers the performance it promises, design quibbles might take a backseat to raw power. Expect to see the XPS 600 Renegade available in the spring. The price, according to Mr. Dell, will be "a lot."