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Dell cuts prices on some gear

Dell this week lowered prices on a handful of its business laser printers and digital projectors.

The Round Rock, Texas, PC maker reduced the price of its basic business laser printer, the Workgroup Laser S2500, from $479 to $449. It lowered the cost of the Workgroup Laser S2500n, a network version of the S2500 by $100 to $699. Dell also lowered the price of its performance Network Laser M5200N printer by $100 to $899. The company dropped the prices on its 3.5-pound 3200MP Projector and 2100MP Projector by $100 and $50, respectively. Dell's 3200MP Projector is now $1,799, while its P2100MP is now $949, a company representative said. The new prices do not include any special offers or rebates. The move follows a broader set of price cuts made by Dell in late August on its PCs, servers and peripherals.