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Dell changes its sales strategy

To hear Michael Dell tell it, you can expect to see Dell computers popping up every where for sale.

To hear Michael Dell tell it, you can expect to see Dell computers popping up everywhere for sale.

Dell, which has relied on direct sales for years, is about to launch a major push in commercial reseller and retail channels, the company's CEO told the Web site CRN. Dell had flirted with retail before, but it had no specific programs like training and technical support special offers to offer resellers. Dell will begin providing many programs and strategies to help resellers move the Round Rock, Texas, company's products, the article reported.

Dell called solution providers one of the company's fastest-growing and most promising channels, saying the channel garners annual sales of about $4 billion.

"We could do some more things like creating a more definitive program, an authorized logo, that kind of thing," Dell said in the CRN interview. "We could do things like deal registration, which we've already started to do in our federal program. So we're going to work on a number of different program elements and reach out to these partners because, actually, this part of our business has been growing faster than the overall category."

Dell also said his company plans a major sales push in the consumer retail channel.

"I think you'll see Dell showing up in a lot more retail locations--not only here in the U.S. but also in major countries around the world over the next several quarters. So stay tuned," he told CRN.