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Dell buys Alienware: confirmed

Dell buys Alienware: confirmed

Dell is still withholding official comment, but the news from Alienware's PR department is that it has indeed been purchased by the world's largest computer maker. The official confirmation appeared on earlier this afternoon. The story is that Dell will hold the controlling rights to Alienware, and Alienware's CEO will now report to Dell's CFO. Alienware will continue to offer AMD chips, and it will continue to cater to hard-core gamers.

This is a smart move for Dell. It gives the company an answer for when people ask about AMD, and it doesn't really damage Dell's relationship with Intel. We wouldn't say that Alienware makes the best high-end PCs (we find it amusing that the two companies whose high-end tower cases we dislike the most have joined forces), but its Area-51 and Aurora systems are consistently competitive in high-end roundups. Its brand is also likely the most recognizable of all the smaller PC vendors. What this means for the future of Dell's XPS line of higher-end desktops and laptops remains unclear.