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Dell adding 128GB SSD option to notebook lines

The company's Latitude, XPS, Alienware, and Precision lines will get the solid-state treatment for a $600 premium.

This post was updated at 1:50 p.m. PDT with new information about availability.

Dell is adding a little more flash to its notebook lines this week.

The Round Rock, Texas, PC maker is offering a 128GB solid-state drive as an option on its Latitude, XPS, Alienware, and Precision laptop models beginning Tuesday. Though Dell isn't usually the first to jump into the fray when it comes to tech trends, the company says it's planning to further push innovation in the next couple of months.

All Dell XPS laptops will come with a 128GB SSD option. CNET Networks

Though solid state isn't new technology, it isn't exactly mainstream yet at the 128GB size. Only Toshiba has shipped a consumer notebook with an SSD that big. But the prices have been dropping significantly, so expect more PC makers to start shipping 128GB notebooks in the next few months.

Dell says the 128GB options will include just a $600 premium over the same version of a notebook with a traditional hard drive. That's the same premium the company was charging a year ago for a 32GB SSD.

In other Dell laptop news, owners of the Latitude XT Tablet PC can actually start using the multitouch feature that the company showed off last year.

The driver, which will unlock the capability, can be downloaded from Dell's support page starting now, the company said.