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Deliver Mars Curiosity photos to your email inbox

Here's a simple trick to get new Curiosity rover images sent straight to your email inbox.

With every passing day, the Curiosity rover is beaming back a stunning range of photographs from the red planet.

A mosaic image showing the left side of Curiosity. (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

Rather than having to keep your eyes permanently affixed to the various Twitter accounts for both NASA and the rover itself, you can set up a simple email alert to let you know when new photos have been posted.

Thanks to If This Then That user lsalvador, here is a recipe that trawls the appropriate Twitter feeds and emails for you when it detects an image.

To set up the alert, first become a member of If This Then That, and allow the site to access your Twitter account. Then, go to the recipe page and click "Use Recipe". New images will be delivered to you as they are tweeted, so you don't need to get all bleary-eyed from staying up way past your bedtime.