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Delicious founder joins former rival Google

Joshua Schachter has started a new job at Google, but the founder of a popular social-bookmarking service doesn't yet know what he'll be doing.

Joshua Schachter, the founder of Yahoo's Delicious social-bookmarking service who left the company last June, has taken a new job at Google.

In an e-mail interview, Schachter said he's started work at the rival Internet company but doesn't yet know what he'll be working on. He's a a member of Google's technical staff, according to his LinkedIn profile.

TechCrunch reported the new hire Monday after First Round Capital Managing Director Josh Kopelman mentioned the job in a Twitter posting.

Schacter created Delicious to help manage bookmarks he posted at an earlier site, the once entertaining but now dormant collection of links at Memepool, and continued to work on the project after Yahoo acquired it, so he's got plenty of experience with the concept of bookmarks. Perhaps he's just the fellow to help spruce up Google Bookmarks--or perhaps he'd rather try something new for a change.