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Tech Industry

Defense Dept. seeks IT spending boost

The department's proposed 2003 budget calls for $26.4 billion for information technology and national security systems spending.

The Department of Defense plans to boost spending on technology and national security systems next year, according to a new study.

The department's proposed budget for information technology and national security systems spending in fiscal 2003 is $26.4 billion, up approximately 12 percent from 2002, according to Federal Sources, a McLean, Va.-based consulting arm of Primedia.

If Congress approves the proposal, the Navy and Air Force will be the biggest beneficiaries, with their funding increased 16 percent and 13 percent, respectively. Among Defense agencies, the Defense Logistics Agency would see a 25 percent rise in funding.

The federal government is becoming more aggressive about improving its IT capabilities, with moves such as the $1 billion boost to high-tech security proposed last November.

However, several agencies may not qualify for funding if they don't meet stringent security and performance standards proposed by President Bush.