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3D Printers

Defend your own universe with this 3D-printed Voltron Super Robot

Some assembly required.



Jurica Pranjic

If you're a die-hard Voltron fan and just can't wait for this fan-made Lego project to get made, you might be interested in this free set of blueprints that show you how to make your own Voltron Super Robot (complete with blazing sword!) using any 3D printer.

Swedish designer Jurica Pranjic put together this model of the classic Lion Force Voltron, composed of five separate robot lion pieces.

His MyMiniFactory page is full of unique designs like this Raspberry Pi 2 case inspired by a PS1 and this universal cap for glass bottles, but the Voltron robot is by far his biggest project to date.

To put it in perspective, he blew through two of these 750 gram spools of Poly-Lactic-Acid (PLA) filament to complete the figurine.

When you're ready to print your own, you can find all the .STL files you need here.


3D-printed Voltron design

Jurica Pranjic