Default Folder X 1.6.5; CopyPaste X 1.5.2; Move Items X 1.0.2; Xupport 1.2.4; more

Default Folder X 1.6.5; CopyPaste X 1.5.2; Move Items X 1.0.2; Xupport 1.2.4; more


Default Folder X 1.6.5 enhances open/save dialog boxes for ease of use. The new release corrects a startup conflict with Suitcase 10 adds convenient Get Info commands to the Dock and Default Folder X application.

CopyPaste X 1.5.2 is a set of multiple clipboard editing, archiving, display and tools. The registration number can now be entered into a separate window which you locate from the "Help" menu.

Move Items X 1.0.2 is a tool to move files and folders using hierarchical CMMs. The new release improves the speed of menu opening when "Show Documents" option is turned on.

Xupport 1.2.4 is a utility for ptimizing, sharing, backup, hidden options, swap file, security. The new release can enable "System file journaling" on any volume.

VueScan 7.6.7 is scanner software for flatbed and film scanners. The new release has a "Files|Magnification (%)" option.

DockExtender 3.0B8 adds menus to dock & menu bar to reduce clutter. If you have not already done so, you will have to register for the Beta registration program and obtain a new beta only registration code.

WindowSplitter 4.1 is a REALbasic WindowSplitter plugin control. The new release fixes a Win32 which could corrupt GDI ports on non Windows NT based sytems (that is Windows 95 and 98).

X11 Extension 0.9 is a background application for Apple's X11 that makes it easy to launch X11 apps, X11 documents, Window Managers and Desktops.

SleepLess  1.2 prevents sleep without changing system settings. The new release has an 'Actions' menu if Dock icon is visible, and a dock tile menu.

Xnet 1.4.0 monitors networks, routers and servers; sends alerts, creates stats. The new release adds an IP calculator and improved error handling function.

  • Default Folder X 1.6.5
  • CopyPaste X 1.5.2
  • Move Items X 1.0.2
  • Xupport 1.2.4
  • VueScan 7.6.7
  • DockExtender 3.0B8
  • WindowSplitter 4.1
  • X11 Extension 0.9
  • SleepLess  1.2
  • Xnet 1.4.0
  • More from Utilities Updates
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