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Deezer, the French rival to Spotify, launches in the US

After it tried tiptoeing into the world's biggest music market, Deezer is opening its gates to all in the US despite intensifying competition.

Deezer, a French subscription-music service like Spotify or Apple Music, launched in the US Tuesday, bringing another contender to the world's biggest music market.

Though popular in its native France, Deezer has struggled to widen its reach to the competitive US market. It tried a stealth entry into the US nearly two years ago, offering its service to people who have Sonos and Bose speakers and later to customers of AT&T's Cricket Wireless mobile provider. Last year, Deezer abandoned a plan to go public.

The company said Tuesday that Deezer is available in the US on Apple, Android and Windows devices, as well as through its own website. Like Spotify and Apple Music, Deezer provides an all-you-can-eat catalog of millions of songs for a monthly $10 fee, and it is offering free trials to new users for 30 days.

Deezer differs from some rivals by including news, podcasts and live radio in its catalog. But like many, and for the same price, it also touts its team of music experts and data analysis as assets for making personalized music recommendations for you.