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Deep dive: jetpacks, Blizzcon 2015 and Captain Kirk's autobiography (Tomorrow Daily 275)

Ashley and Jeff sit down to discuss joining the jetpacks corps, Tesla autopilot abuse, a robot movie star and much more.

Join Ashley and Jeff on their new, shiny set as they deep dive into their favorite future tech news stories of the week. This week, they're digging into that JB-9 jetpack and how much they want to join a jetpack corps, the robot actress in Japan that's co-starring in a feature film, and why people experimenting with Tesla's autopilot feature should stop sharing fails on social media.

Tomorrow Daily also welcomes author and TV writer David A. Goodman to the studio to talk about his new book "The Autobiography of James T. Kirk." And Ashley and Jeff head to Blizzcon 2015 to check out eSports at the conference.

If you're looking for a specific part of today's episode, here are some magical time codes to help you travel in time through the show:

  • 03:18 - We want jetpack joyrides.
  • 08:54 - Tesla autopilot abusers.
  • 13:46 - Geminoid F is a movie star.
  • 18:51 - Interview with David A. Goodman, author of "The Autobiography of James T. Kirk."
  • 31:10 - Watching eSports at Blizzcon 2015.
  • 37:09 - Into It: Jeff loves Steampunk Rally and Ashley's into "Later That Same Life."
  • 42:58 - Phonetographer of the Day: Gerald O.
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Tomorrow Daily podcast 275

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