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Decorate your Windows XP with Hyperdesk

Change the way your Windows XP looks with Hyperdesk themes.

Turn your Windows XP into Disney's It's a Magical World. Hyperdesk

It's been more than a year since Windows Vista was launched and Windows XP is still going strong. In my opinion, it's still a great operating system--though, it's not that hard to look great when compared to Windows Vista. Once thing is undeniable, however: Windows XP is getting old, especially in its aesthetic.

For this reason, on Wednesday, July 30, The Skins Factory launched Hyperdesk, a software package that will spice up your Windows XP, and turn it into a world of exciting themes, skins, and wallpapers. The software even allows you to create widgets for other applications, such as iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Hyperdesk uses Microsoft's own skinning engine to apply the Windows themes, which means these changes won't affect the system's performance very much. The changes are also completely reversible, and you can switch between Windows XP's default theme and Hyperdesk themes with a single click of the mouse.

These themes are available now but, unfortunately, they are not free. Their prices range from $9.95 to $14.95.