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Decorate your laptop with GelaSkins

GelaSkins recently released an array of stickers for Apple laptops.

CNET Networks/Corinne Schulze

GelaSkins aren't new. In fact, I wrote about the ones made for the iPod a while back, and I had no trouble recommending them. And for the record, the Toxicity skin is still stuck on the house iPod to this date, over nine months later. Whether that's meant to be a testament to its stickiness quotient or my tolerance of the design, I'm not sure.

Anyway, GelaSkins recently released an array of stickers for Apple laptops, and although that's not exactly my department, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to dress up my iBook when GelaSkins founder Drew Downs contacted me with news of the new line. I browsed the site, discovering that the pickings are a bit slimmer than those for the iPod. OK, a LOT slimmer. But I was able to find something that I liked. After some fastidious surface cleaning followed by several OCD-like removals and reapplications of the skin, I had myself a fresh and unique-looking iBook. Yes, the GelaSkins are kind of pricey ($32.95) and they provide only minimal protection (it doesn't even come to the edge of my iBook's casing), but they offer a quick and easy way to add some style to your laptop. I think it's worth it.

Click the pic for step-by-step shots.