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Deconstructing the iPod

An analyst takes apart a Shuffle and learns that Apple is making music with two chips.

An analyst takes apart a Shuffle and learns that Apple is making music with two chips. In other gadget news: The shift to lower prices continues with a $199 iPod Mini.

A voyage inside the iPod Shuffle

An analyst dissects a Shuffle, details what she finds and takes a guess about the profit Apple's making on the device.
Photos: The littlest iPod
February 25, 2005

Shuffle's on to dress up baby iPod

The $99 iPod Shuffle targets a wide demographic--and add-on makers are seeing big opportunity.
February 25, 2005

Commentary: iPod Photo? Stick to music

Forrester Research says the iPod Photo is living proof that a device can't serve two masters.
February 25, 2005

Apple takes a step away from FireWire

The Mac maker is defaulting to USB for its new iPods, even though it developed the competing FireWire connection.
February 24, 2005

New iPods sport lower price tags

Apple's new music players also have higher capacities, and photo iPods now link directly to cameras.
February 23, 2005

Photos: Apple splashes color on iPod Minis

Will a metallic green music player make your friends green with envy? Apple certainly hopes so.
February 23, 2005

Cameras, iPods need to talk to each other

If Apple wants to maintain MP3 player lead, iPod will have to connect with more than just a home computer.
February 22, 2005

Fashion and gadgetry say, 'I do'

Is it the perfect union, or is one of the partners cheating on the other? Here's a peek at where this relationship is headed.
The New York Times
Photos: Gadget cases don't have to be ugly
Photos: Nokia's take on '20s glamour
February 22, 2005