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The most-tweeted debate and its breakout star

Social Cues: Facebook and Twitter decide Ken Bone is the debate's true hero.

Sunday night's event broke Twitter records for presidential debates, but the social media hero was Ken Bone, seated in the center with a red cardigan.

Rick Wilking-Pool, Getty Images

The faceoff between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was the most actively tweeted debate yet. Don't worry if you missed it because the event is still trending across social media, with its decisive moments still on everyone's mind.

From designated social-media hero Ken Bone to the fly buzzing around both candidates, Twitter and Facebook were focused on the debate Monday morning.

Social Cues is our daily feature on what's happening on social media each morning. Here's what is trending on Monday:

US Presidential Debate: All eyes were on Clinton's and Trump's second debate as the Republican nominee was still reeling from a recording of him making references to sexually assaulting women. Trump defended his comments in the 2005 recording, repeatedly saying his lewd statements were "locker room talk." The phrase started trending on Facebook and Twitter, with many social media users saying Trump's statements were indefensible and accusing him of promoting rape culture. Less serious topics rose to the top on social media, like undecided voter Ken Bone, who became the debate's hero on Twitter and Facebook. The moustached man in the red cardigan became an overnight sensation, of course with a parody Facebook and Twitter account. An insect also became a social media hit on Sunday night, as a fly buzzed around the debate and landed directly on Clinton's forehead.

Galaxy Note 7: Samsung's flagship phone is going out with a bang, or perhaps a whimper. The South Korean electronics giant is "temporarily adjusting" production of the Galaxy Note 7. Amid a massive recall for battery explosions, some replacement devices began to do the same. The news was trending on Twitter as consumers wondered what to do next.

Columbus Day: Monday's holiday was trending on Twitter, but not because people are celebrating the day. The conversation on social media has slowly been shifting to reject Christopher Columbus and speak out against the holiday. Critics point to the atrocities that followed his voyage and that Columbus didn't actually discover America, arguing that the explorer shouldn't be celebrated as a hero.

Florida Slayer Headbanger: Hurricane Matthew passed through Florida, with its governor calling a state of emergency and forcing many to evacuate the state. But at least one metalhead decided to brave the storm. A nine-second clip shows a shirtless Florida man with an American flag headbanging in the middle of the street as winds blast, with Slayer playing in the background. The headbanger was trending on Facebook by Monday morning.

Oliver Hart: The Nobel Prize winners in Economic Science went to Harvard's Oliver Hart and MIT's Bengt Holmström for their research on contract theory. Their studies have examined why contracts have different terms and designs for different situations, such as for CEOs and public service workers. The winners were trending on Twitter on Monday morning after the Nobel Prize committee made the announcement.