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The great debate: Clinton vs. Trump? Or best pancake topping?

Social Cues: Even National Pancake Day couldn't top Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's faceoff on social media.


StoreBound's PancakeBot may be one of the few ways to combine the presidential debate with National Pancake Day.

Chris Monroe/CNET

The highly anticipated face-off between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is finally here, and social media is buzzing nonstop about Monday evening's debate.

On Monday morning, Twitter's trending topics were all about politics, even overshadowing National Pancake Day. Yeah, it's that big a deal.

Social Cues is your daily guide to the trending topics of the morning on Facebook and Twitter, and what will be buzzing later on. Here is what's trending:

Debate Night: After months of campaigning and battling across the country in stump speeches, rallies and Twitter fights, Trump and Clinton will debate face-to-face Monday night at Hofstra University on Long Island, New York. Twitter is full of anticipation and predictions on how the night will go for both candidates, and the conversation will surely continue well into tomorrow. Here's your guide on how to watch the debate and the pros and cons of watching it on Facebook versus Twitter.

Charlotte Shooting Video: After a week of unrest, Charlotte, North Carolina, police have released portions of bodycam and dashcam footage of Keith Lamont Scott's death in a police shooting. The killing sparked protests across the US, with Scott's name ringing across social media and prompted Facebook to activate its safety check in Charlotte. Protesters on social media continue to demand police release the entire video and not just portions.

Polls: Both "Clinton 41" and "Trump 43%" were trending Twitter on the morning of the two candidates' first debate. The numbers are a reference to the deadlocked polls between the two presidential nominees. While the trending topics show Trump with a lead over Clinton, other polls show the former secretary of state ahead.

Snap Inc.: What a spectacle. Snapchat has renamed itself Snap, and with a new name will come new toys. The preferred social network for millennials is diving into wearables, launching Spectacles smart sunglasses that can take videos and send snaps to your friends and followers. Facebook users were buzzing about the new shades and the company's new look.

National Pancake Day: Social media got a little sappy over flapjacks, with the unofficial holiday jumping onto the trending charts. Twitter users are sharing photos of the breakfast meal drenched in syrup, covered in whipped cream and stacked to the heavens. Don't click this if you're hungry.