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Death Star wall tiles: The Dark Side of home improvement

When you want to communicate a subtle sense of dread to all who enter your home, then dress your walls up with Death Star tiles.

Death Star wall tiles
Don't you just want to play with some action figures on these? Tom Spina Designs

I'm imagining sitting in my home on Tatooine, relaxing with a glass of Bantha-blood fizz, watching the Galactic Broadcasting Service's latest episode of "This Old Death Star." Host Darth Vila suggests a quick and easy way to spruce up your spaceship of terror: wall tiles. Death Star wall tiles.

The wall tiles from Tom Spina Designs were created for a custom home theater project, to really give it that conquering-the-galaxy sort of look. The "Star Wars"-themed theater features 14 different tiles. Each master tile was molded and cast in tinted resin. The designs were plucked right from the surface of the Death Star.

It took 120 tiles in total for the theater, with each one being a foot square. Raised details meant the tiles were up to 4-inches thick. "The overall look is intentionally big and 'chunky,' with layers of smaller detail as a bonus for folks who look more closely at the home theater's walls," says the design company.

The anonymous home-theater owner also had Tom Spina Designs create custom mannequins for the display of replica movie costumes, automatically catapulting this particular movie theater into the upper echelons of awesomeness.

The tiles aren't for sale separately, but you could probably hire the company to fashion your own theater for you. Perhaps something with R2-D2 wall tiles would be nice.

Death Star wall tiles
Fear these wall tiles, you will. Tom Spina Designs

(Via Boing Boing)