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Dear Santa, What's Your URL?

Those getting ready to send snail mail to Santa needn't bother. If early reports are any indication, he'll be too busy checking his email to read them.

Not surprisingly, Santa has more than one Net presence. Internet provider Concentric Network is sponsoring Santa's Home Page, where you can tell Santa your wishes. Concentric lists Santa's email address as

You can also send your personal letter to Santa at the Santa's Village Web site and, if you include your email address, Santa will write back.

If you'd like Santa to write to someone who doesn't have email, a personalized printed letter from Santa can be ordered from Electronic Commerce Sales Corporation for $5.95.

But letters to the Great Bearded One aren't the only kind of Christmas correspondence you can do online. Domino's Farms in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is offering a free selection of Internet Christmas cards. When you go to the site, you fill out a form to send cards to your online friends, then Domino sends email to the recipients directing them back to its site to receive the card.