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Deal with your extra vegetables

Have you gotten stuck with three boxes of Grandma's finest tomatoes? Rather than eating until your stomach hurts, a vegetable mill like the Tomato Machine might be a better option

The Tomato Machine OMRA

My grandmother grows tomatoes in the sort of quantity that guarantees that the entire extended family will never starve. But there are only so many tomatoes a girl can eat when they're first harvested. At some point, we have to start talking about canning a few, or at least making up a bunch of tomato soup and freezing it.

That's where a having a vegetable mill comes in handy. I don't recommend investing in one unless you're dealing with a serious quantity of vegetables, but something along the lines of the OMRA 2500 Tomato Machine can make life much easier. It removes skins and seeds in a hurry, and pours out a smooth puree. That puree can be turned into soup, sauce, or preserves with minimal effort. And it can handle tough vegetable matter that would make your food processor curl up and cry.

Despite the name, the Tomato Machine can be used for most fruits and vegetables, meaning that you might finally be able to keep up with that overgrown zucchini plant. The 2500 version retails at $329. Personally, I recommend making something like the Tomato Machine a family purchase--the sort of thing that can rotate around the roster of cousins along with Grandma's tomatoes.