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Deal will let users share their Notes

PointCast and Lotus will help broadcast Notes database information to intranet users.

PointCast and Lotus Development today announced plans that will help broadcast information stored in Notes databases to all the users on a corporate intranet.

The deal means that the PointCast I-Server, an intranet version of the software that broadcasts news and entertainment information on the Web, can also now broadcast Notes groupware data such as threaded discussion groups and calendars.

I-Server is in beta testing, but the current version supports only HTML (Hypertext Markupt Language) pages such as those used on the Web, not Notes data. The companies say they are working to integrate I-Server and the Notes Web server software, called Domino.

In announcing the co-development deal, the firms did not reveal any plans for specific product or delivery dates of products that might result from the collaboration.

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