Deal of the day: Scooba floor robot for $200

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Ever since CNET writer Michael Kanellos did a video demonstration of the Scooba cleaning our break room floor, everyone at has either wanted one, or bought one already. Now, with's discounted price, even those of us with more meager means can have one. At last! No more sponge-mop drudgery. The little guy (the robot, not the reporter) even picks up pretzel crumbs and diet Coke spills right up off the floor.

No more dirty sponges

Here's a short list of features from the seller's site: "Preps by picking up loose sand, crumbs and dirt. Washes using clean Clorox cleaning solution. Scrubs your floor, removing dirt and grime. Dries by picking up the dirty solution, leaving the floor clean and dry." Get it for $200 if you use Google Checkout, $210 if you don't have that option.

What: Scooba 5900 robotic floor cleaner
How much: $209.99
Shipping: Free
Where: (via Fat Wallet)
When: Through unknown date
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