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Deal of the day: Olympus Stylus 1000 10MP camera & 256MB card for $200

We found this basic digicam for you at less than half the original price.

Olympus Stylus 1000 CNET Networks

Tomorrow's Independence Day, and practically the whole country has the day off. For once, you get to have your cookout on a Wednesday. How will you document your midweek antics? You'll want photographic evidence of how cute the nieces and nephews were when they made that pyramid in the kiddie pool. You need pictures to explain that funny thing that happened with the mustard squeezer. And even if you just enjoy some epic lounging in the shade, you'll want pictures to remind yourself of ease and leisure when you're cranking through 400 e-mails back at work on Thursday.

Which brings me to the point. J&R this month is offering the Olympus Stylus 1000 digicam with 10 megapixels for $200, a deal which includes a freebie Lexar 256MB XD card. This is less than half of its original list price of $500. You probably can't have it by tomorrow, but you can be prepared the next time a day off rolls around.

As our CNET Review states: "The Stylus 1000 has some very nice features. For low-light and action shots, the Stylus includes digital image stabilization and can shoot at as much as ISO 6,400, but images greater than ISO 1,600 are cut down to five megapixels. ... Like all Stylii, its metal body has rubber gaskets and seals to keep water and gunk out. You can't shoot underwater, but you can splash it without fear or hesitation."

Perfect for that Slip 'n Slide tournament in your yard.

What: Olympus Stylus 1000 digital camera
How much: $200
Shipping: $3.19
Where: J& (via Techdeals)
When: Through July 31, 2007
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