Deal of the day: Logitech cordless keyboard with mouse, $25

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During all those long hours working online, you long for the comfort of your easy chair, but your keyboard's cord isn't long enough to reach, or gets tangled in your ankles when you sit cross-legged. What a nuisance! What you need is a wireless keyboard and optical mouse. Here's a great deal on a just such a set from a reputable maker. After a discount and a mail-in rebate, plus reasonable $5 shipping, your total is still only about $25. Pretty good for the privilege of coding in comfort.

Logitech cordless keyboard and mouse

What: Logitech Cordless Desktop EX110 Keyboard & Mouse Combo
How much: $19.99
Shipping: $5
Where: CompUSA (via Fat Wallet)
When: Through unknown date
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