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Deal of the day: JBL Creature II 3-piece desktop speaker system for $34

This curvy, futuristic, Harman-made system used to be listed at three times the price.

Desktop speakers come and desktop speakers go, but good design lasts... well, if not forever, at least a mighty long time. Admire the smooth surfaces, enjoy the groovy mathematical curviness, appreciate the metallic sheen as you imagine yourself speeding through the galaxy on your own little cubicle-spaceship, with terrific audio. Ah! Space--the final frontier of hyperbole.

Listed today at one-third its original price of $99, this is a well-liked speaker set for folks who want good audio at a great price and with a very small desk-top footprint.

JBL Creature II speakers CNET Networks

What: Harman JBL Creature II speaker system
How much: $33.51
Shipping: Varies depending on location and method
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When: Through unknown date
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