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Deal of the day: iClock AM/FM alarm clock for iPod, $45

We found the perfect bedside companion for you at a quarter off, with free shipping.

Picture this. It's Monday morning. You're a little bleary from your weekend indulging, and it's time for your virtuous 6 a.m. trip to the gym to sweat out those toxins. But your old clock radio only gets two choices, troubling reports from war zones or the local pop radio station. Not wishing to subject yourself to treacly theme songs or fearsome news reports first thing in the morning, preferring to ease yourself into the day with a little Megadeth, perhaps, what will you do?

You can't just plug one of those clunky plastic dial timers into your olde-tyme CD player like you did when you were in grade school. Nope, you need a combo alarm clock-clock radio-iPod speaker ensemble. Luckily, with props to Dealhack, we just saw one posted on Meritline at a discounted price. When you use the coupon code AC20939715OFF during checkout, get 25% off the usual price and enjoy free shipping while the deal lasts.

This device works with iPod Mini, iPod 4th Generation, iPod Nano and iPod Video.

What: iClock stereo alarm clock with radio tuner for iPod
How much: $45
Shipping: Free
Where: Meritline (via )
When: Through July 8, 2007