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Colin West McDonald/CNET
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Deal alert: $150 off Dyson Ball Animal vacuum at Best Buy

Today only -- a nice discount on a sleek cyclonic vacuum.

Best Buy was running this deal in March and now it's back: The futuristic-looking Ball Animal bagless upright usually costs around $400, but you can hoover one up for $250 -- today, Friday, only.  Best Buy lists the deal as $250 off but it's really $150 off. (The newer Ball Animal 2 costs $500).  

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Despite the modern aesthetic, the Dyson Ball Animal isn't new. After launching in 2013 as the $500 DC50, Dyson updated the vacuum with a new name and new price ($450) in 2015. Still, the cyclonic technology it uses remains an important milestone in vacuum innovation, making a filter bag unnecessary. The Dyson Ball relies on high-speed, high-power suction to create a vortex inside the vacuum canister, where dirt and debris are collected and then easily discarded.  

The vacuum performed adequately in most of our tests, and occasionally with excellence. Still, we couldn't quite justify the sky-high price. Today's deal at Best Buy makes that much easier to swallow.  

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