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'Deadpool' Oscars pitch hinges on unicorns, chimichangas

By the numbers: The "For You Consideration" Oscars video for "Deadpool" bases its worthiness on four pairs of assless chaps and millions of fans.

"Deadpool" may be one of the most irreverent, violent superhero movies ever made, but that hasn't dampened buzz about a possible Oscar nomination for the flick. With that in mind, star Ryan Reynolds tweeted an unusual "For Your Consideration" awards pitch on Thursday.

These sort of pitches normally point out a film's highlights and make a case for awards consideration. But this isn't a normal Oscars pitch.

The short video involves a list of numbers, including 600 pounds of chimichangas, four pairs of assless chaps, 117 script pages, seven magical unicorns, 783 million fans and 42 rejection letters from Fox, the studio that brought the unlikely superhero to the big screen. All of this is accompanied by a sweeping soundtrack score that would fit with a serious drama.

We'll just have to wait and see if the sassy "Deadpool" snark campaign will sway Oscar voters. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is scheduled to announce the nominees on January 24.

If "Deadpool" gets a nod, there should be a celebration filled with deep-fried burritos and chaps (butt coverage optional).

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