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Very NSFW Deadpool musical mauls 'Beauty and the Beast'

A high-quality fan-made parody of "Beauty and the Beast" turns the song "Gaston" into a raunchy ode to Deadpool.

Warning: NSFW in a rude, crude, but funny Deadpool sort of way.

If Deadpool were a musical, it would probably play out a lot like a bawdy "Beauty and the Beast" parody video posted to YouTube on Wednesday. There's top-notch costuming, a cameo appearance from Spider-Man, a chimichanga, great singing, plenty of cursing and lots of fighting and blood.

The original song "Gaston" is all about singing the praises of Belle's spurned suitor. The Deadpool version involves the Merc with a Mouth battling a bar full of people who want to kill him. Top-notch stunt work and gory special effects propel this romp into the upper echelon of YouTube parody videos.

The creators do a convincing job of mimicking Ryan Reynolds' voice and mannerisms. Deadpool fans will find lots to love. "Beauty and the Beast" fans, however, won't find much Disney here other than in the backing music. Be sure to stick around for the X-Men character cameo in the post-credits scene.