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Deadpool 2: The Super Duper Cut promises more ridiculous action

The even longer cut goes on sale in August.


Deadpool 2 is getting an extended cut for its home release.

20th Century Fox

Deadpool 2 is getting longer and "spandexier," according to actor Ryan Reynolds.

The Deadpool star tweeted Monday that a longer cut of the R-rated theatrical release will go on sale next month, first to Digital HD on Aug. 7 and then on Blu-ray on Aug. 21.

The new version, dubbed "The Super Duper Cut," also appears to be making its debut during San Diego Comic-Con 2018, screening at the Horton Grand Theatre on Saturday, July 21 at 10 p.m. PT. And even though Deadpool 2 is nearing the end of its theatrical run, the film is getting a Hall H panel earlier that day at 5:15 p.m. PT.

Director Rhett Reese tweeted Saturday that this longer cut is "significantly different... and fun," but details on exactly what's expanding were kept under wraps. (Hey, maybe we could get even more post-credits scenes?)

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