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Deadline for Android Developer Challenge extended

Google pushes out the deadline for its developer's contest for the new Android platform. That's good news for all you procrastinators.

Hardware prototype with an early look at the Android OS
Hardware prototype with an early look at the Android OS Google

News of the Android SDK (download for Windows) by Google has been quiet for the past few months. However, last week we a found notice that the submission deadline for the Android Developers Challenge has just been extended to April 14, 2008. It appears that the Android team has made "significant updates" to the SDK that might require developers to take extra time to finish up applications they had in the works. There are $10 million worth in prizes at stake, so the updates and deadline extensions are probably much appreciated.

The SDK, released in November, introduced a very early look at what the Android OS might look like. Keyboard support seems to be obvious, as is a WebKit-compatible browser. Here's a more detailed list of what was in the earlier version of the Android SDK, as well as a slideshow for device images and screenshots.