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Dead president has a Twitter account

The Massachusetts Historical Society has established a Twitter account to publish the bite-sized diary entries of John Quincy Adams, who died in 1848.

Don't worry, John Quincy Adams will not be tricking you into clicking on the Rickroll video.

John Quincy Adams might not be re-tweeting Ashton Kutcher and Shaq anytime soon, but he does have a Twitter account now. The Massachusetts Historical Society has launched a Twitter account, @JQAdams_MHS, and will officially start tweeting Adams' personal diary entries on Wednesday.

Adams died in 1848, right around the time that people first started flooding the San Francisco Bay Area in search of quick money. Except then it was in the form of gold, not venture dollars from Sand Hill Road.

As an Associated Press article explained, "a high school student touring the sixth U.S. president's archives recently noticed his bite-sized diary entries looked a lot like tweets." Most of the entries in question date back to Adams' days as a U.S. minister to Russia, which makes you wonder if @AKGovSarahPalin (or whatever her post-gubernatorial Twitter username may be) will be tweeting that she can see him from her house.

A sample: "Thick fog. Scanty Wind. On George's Bank. Lat: 42-34. Read Massillon's Careme Sermons 2 & 3. Ladies are Sick." Yup, sounds about right.