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DC Comics has its own super hero-themed credit cards

The Justice League has entered the world of finance.

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DC's credit cards include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and The Flash theming.

DC/Screenshot by Joal Ryan for CNET

If you've ever wanted to show off your love of DC Universe super heroes with a themed credit card, now's your chance. DC Comics has teamed up with Visa to launch a series of credit cards with entertainment rewards. 

You can choose between seven different designs: animated Batman images for the character's 80th anniversary; the Batman symbol; an animated Superman opening his shirt to the logo underneath; the Wonder Woman symbol; The Flash's symbol; an animated Harley Quinn; and the whole Justice League in animated form. 

DC Universe credit cards
Screenshot by Corinne Reichert/CNET

There's no annual fee for the Ultimate Hero Rewards cards, and you can redeem points for DC Universe merch and experiences, as well as movie rewards, cash back and travel.

You'll also get 10% off an annual DC Universe subscription, 10% off all purchases at DC's online store and 20% off a Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Hollywood.

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