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Actor David Tennant, like most grown-ups, doesn't get Snapchat

The "Doctor Who" and "Jessica Jones" actor also reveals his favourite comic characters in a visit to Marvel HQ.

As the evil Marvel villain Kilgrave, David Tennant could tell anyone what to do, but one thing he can't tell anyone is what Snapchat is for.

The former "Doctor Who" star appeared in Marvel's various social-media channels this week, including Snapchat and Instagram, when he dropped by the company's New York office.

Wearing a Marvel T-shirt, the Scottish actor stopped by to chat with podcast "This Week In Marvel". Here we can see him revealing who his favourite Marvel character was as a kid, and who his favourite character is now. That might be a scary moment for anyone who's seen his villainous turn in "Jessica Jones"...

Tennant also showed up on Snapchat, despite knowing what neither a snap nor a chat is...

"Jessica Jones" is on Netflix now. Tennant is currently appearing in "Richard II" in New York, his US theatre debut after playing the role in the UK. After that, he's about to start work on the third and final season of UK drama "Broadchurch", which will reunite him with the show's creator, Chris Chibnall, who just happens to be the man who will take over "Doctor Who" in 2018.

Speaking of "Doctor Who", Tennant will be reunited with former companion Catherine Tate in three new audio dramas, "Time Reaver", "Technophobia" and "Death and the Queen", on sale in May.