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David Hockney taps iPad to design Westminster Abbey stained glass

The artist calls the Apple gadget a natural fit for rendering The Queen's Window.

Artist David Hockney designed this window on an iPad.

Westminster Abbey

David Hockney, 81, started his illustrious art career as a painter and pop-art pioneer long before Apple was founded. But Hockney has embraced the tech giant's gadgets and used an iPad to design a new stained-glass window that debuted on Wednesday at London's Westminster Abbey

The Abbey commissioned The Queen's Window to celebrate the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The window, crafted by stained-glass artists at Barley Studio, depicts a countryside scene in the bright colors associated with Hockney's vivid work. 

"The subject reflects The Queen as a countrywoman and her widespread delight in, and yearning for, the countryside," the Abbey said.

Hockney said the iPad was a natural fit for rendering the stained glass since it is backlit like a window, The Guardian reports.

Hockney embraced the iPad as a drawing tool back in 2010 (the year the iPad debuted) and has also created works using an iPhone. A 2013 exhibit in San Francisco highlighted his digital work. Hockney's website also include extensive galleries of his iPad and iPhone art.

The new work is located in the Abbey's north transept and replaces a window that had been plain glass. Westminster Abbey will formally dedicate the window on Oct. 2. 


David Hockney stands in front of The Queen's Window.

Westminster Abbey