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David Cameron to take Brexit questions on Facebook Live

The UK will be voting soon on whether to stay in the EU or say goodbye. The prime minister is ready to engage.


Cameron, seen here with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, is backing the campaign for the UK to remain in the EU.

Pool, Getty Images

British Prime Minister David Cameron will be among several prominent political figures answering questions about the upcoming vote on whether the UK should remain part of the EU as part of an all-day video livestream on Facebook.

Cameron will be joined by voices from the Remain and Leave campaigns as part of the Facebook Live event on Friday 10 June. In one-to-one sessions spread across the day, each person will be quizzed on their arguments. Their reasoning will be subjected to instant commentary and analysis.

Just as in the US, where many Facebook feeds are filled with discussions about the upcoming presidential election, users in the UK are taking to the social network to put forward their views on the European referendum. Also known as Brexit, the referendum could result in the country leaving the EU.

The vote takes place on 23 June.

"As we enter the final three weeks of the campaign, referendum discussion on Facebook is really heating up," said Theo Thomas, a Facebook government and politics specialist, in a statement. "Millions of people have joined the debate on Facebook to discuss the issues they care about and the likely repercussions of a Yes or No vote."

Since launching Facebook Live last November, the social network's chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, has used it often to interact with his army of followers. Facebook is encouraging more people to embrace its live-streaming feature, a rival to the likes of Twitter-owned Periscope, to engage members about timely topics.

The momentum of the Brexit discussion will likely give Facebook Live a big boost in awareness.

The Facebook Live "townhall" discussion will be moderated by editors from Buzzfeed and hosted on the publication's UK Facebook page. If you want to check out what Cameron has to say on the EU, then make sure you're online at 5pm BST.