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David Cameron to get his own iPad app

And no, it's not a David Cameron soundboard, it's an app specifically designed for the prime minister. Lucky so and so.

We'll be honest, we never had any great ambitions to hold a position of political power. It all seemed a bit stressful to us, but this'll be enough to convince even the least politically inclined technophile to run for Office: the prime minister David Cameron is to get his own iPad app.

And no, we're not talking a Cameron soundboard -- it's an iPad app built specifically for the PM, for his personal use. Now there's privilege for you.

The Times has learnt that programmers inside the Cabinet Office are working on the app that'll bring together the PM's favourite news sources (CNET UK being top of the list, we'd imagine), as well as real time feeds like Twitter. Cameron will be able to see NHS waiting list figures, crime statistics, unemployment numbers, and what his friends are having for tea, all from the comfort of a single iPad app.

Apparently the app will be up and running, ready to organise the country by March.

The idea originated during a stateside trip taken by advisers. Cameron is said to be an iPad devotee, using it to catch up on news (CNET UK *cough*), as well as to watch Desperate Housewives and The Killing. He and George Osborne are also said to be huge fans of Angry Birds. We're glad to see they're spending their time wisely.

Cameron is said to prefer pen and paper for official messages, though he does stay in touch with MPs and advisers via text. Presumably he doesn't part with any sensitive information over voicemail though, just in case.

The PM has a presence on LinkedIn and Foursquare, but the he's clearly not completely convinced that tech is a force for good -- he banned mobiles from cabinet meetings, and considered blocking Twitter, Facebook and BBM following the riots over the summer. As it turned out, BlackBerry took care of BBM all by itself.

The app might become available for public download. Would you want to see what Cameron is reading? Let us know in the comments below, or over on our Facebook page.