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Dave Rosenberg joins CNET, takes on the world

Dave Rosenberg starts a new blog on CNET.

Dave Rosenberg, my former blog partner and friend, has left Infoworld to join CNET as a blogger. His blog, Negative Approach, is classic Dave, and already has some great posts:

  • Novell as the new Metallica:

    Metallica went from being loved by millions to being whiny about Napster, taking the focus of the band off the music and onto the ugly business of the music industry. Ultimately, instead of proving a point, the argument took on a sheen of greed. This made people not like the band.

    Drawing a parallel to Novell, the company went from being a player in the Linux market, to an open source pariah as the focus changed from the software to their pact with Microsoft.

  • IBM ready to "kick Oracle's teeth in":

    Despite it sounding a little bit silly, this is actually a good idea. Where do you go for growth when you have a significant market footprint? You coordinate direct attacks on your competition. (I must note that Viper 500 sounds like someone has been reading too much Tom Clancy.)

And more. Dave is at his best when unshackled, and that's what Negative Approach offers. Glad to have you back, Dave.