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Watch teen's manic selfie session as filmed by dad

A man is driving his car when he sees that his daughter trying to impress the world by posing in the back seat. So he records the glory of it for posterity.

Modern art. RumbleViral/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

In the museums of the future, they will display everything that made us what we are.

It is incontestable, therefore, that a video posted to YouTube by RumbleViral will take pride of place.

For here we have what appears to be a girl of teen years performing for the camera. Well, the camera for which she's performing is on her cell phone.

However, the camera that captures the true glory of it belongs to her dad, said to be named Rod Beckham.

His daughter gurns, sticks her tongue out, stretches her eyes and generally tries to make the most striking impression she can.

It's hard to find the right expression, especially when you know that your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr accounts need to be filled with new material or your friends will turn elsewhere for entertainment.

Of course, this could be one fine setup. The girl could be a burgeoning actor and the dad a film director trying to make the video look as amateurish as possible.

However, it shows just how we all feel the additional need to be interesting because we are now less humans and more content creators.

Sadly, Facebook and the like are our agents and they take 100 percent of our income.