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Date with disaster

Federal agencies face a March deadline to eradicate the infamous millennium bug. Will they make it?


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Federal agencies face a March deadline to defuse the Y2K time bomb. Will they make it?

By staff
January 20, 1999, 4 a.m. PT

Crawling toward compliance
The U.S. government's deadline for fixing the infamous bug is only weeks away--and a number of agencies are still far behind.

Who will pay the bills?
Between big companies and governments, billions will be spent worldwide on fixing the glitch. Who will pay for the mess?

A grassroots battle
While government agencies try to tackle the problem on a larger scale, some people are fighting it in city halls and town meetings.

Dropping the ball
If the bug infiltrates systems at the New York Power Authority, it could cause quite a stir on New Year's Eve in Times Square.

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The countdown is on and many are preparing for a Y2K meltdown. This week, CNET Central tells you what the experts say about the potential Year 2000 disaster and how you can protect your home and business.

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