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Data retention laws pass, Netflix is live and site blocking could be in the works (Girt by CNET podcast 20)

Australia's controversial data retention laws pass, Netflix hits Australia with aggressive pricing and site blocking legislation heads to parliament.

We've been discussing it for months now, but the Coalition's data retention laws have passed with bipartisan support, with only the Greens and a number of other independent senators against. Now it's over the ISPs to implement the actual act of retaining the data -- and for the Australian consumer to wait and see how that cost is passed on...

In nicer news Netflix is now live in Australia and the pricing is more aggressive than we might have anticipated. In fact, given the sorry state of the exchange rate, it's even a little cheaper than what the US pays. Foxtel Play has responded somewhat, with some special pricing around "Game of Thrones," but it's eyes on Presto and Stan now to see how the local streamers respond.

Back in the wild world of George Brandis, new site blocking legislation designed to help prevent piracy is heading to parliament. These could see Aussie ISPs having to block sites that facilitate online copyright violation.

Girt by CNET Podcast 20

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Finally, on a bittersweet note, we say goodbye to CNET stalwart Lexy Savvides after six years in the Australian office. Don't panic though -- she'll still be sticking with CNET, just from San Francisco instead. We take a look at some of her highlights during her time with CNET Australia.

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