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Data delivery as you like it

Diffusion announces IntraExpress, an information delivery software that lets recipients determine what material they want and how they want it delivered.

Start-up software company Diffusion has announced IntraExpress, an information delivery software that will allow networked recipients within a company or specific workgroup to determine the material they want and the method of delivery.

Set up on a central Microsoft Windows NT server, IntraExpress distributes material by email to a list of recipients along with a preference form. In their responses, recipients indicate if the distributed material, or material available on other indicated subjects is of interest, and how they want it delivered. IntraExpress can send information by email, fax, pager, or to a networked printer. It can also post information to a Web site for retrieval by any user with a Java- or ActiveX-enabled browser.

Diffusion is targeting IntraExpress for large and possibly far-flung sales teams within high-tech companies. Through Windows client software, employees who travel can tell IntraExpress to forward important scheduled material--weekly progress reports, for example--to a pager or hotel fax number. End users with non-Windows systems need a Java- or ActiveX-enabled browser to change their preferences.

The product is currently in beta testing at Ascend Communications and Bay Networks. General availability is slated for first quarter of 1997, according to a spokeswoman. Prices have not been decided, but the company hopes to offer licenses for no more than $125 per user.